Samstag, 20. Juli 2013


Ya want to know something BOMBTASTIC? 
Today is the day!!!! ... Hello Titty Slots starts\o/
TP to HTS 

The clock is ticking... and something between my boobies too, but ... dont be scared, this little bomb wont explode :D Its one of the Gamer Girl Bewbie Plushies from [QE] you could get from the gatcha with some luck...cuz its RARE. And I think the BomBom feels nice between my boobs and is well covered from the tops from ~Sassy!~ The One more night top comes in 11 colors and I so love them all <3

To be honest, I am a wild one...wearing bombs...feeling a bit like a leopard *rawrs* The skirt comes from Blueberry and I felt in love with the detailed work. TP to >>> Blueberry Limo <<< and let yor animal out!

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