Freitag, 2. August 2013

The Box - open it & you will see

Today The Box opened at its filled with lots of nice stuff! You should check the place, I am sure you will find something adorable (so I did). I am also mutating to a gacha-addict >:o  cStar sent a notice out today, that she filled gacha-machines with yummy skins. Im showing you 4 skins I got. One of them is rare and includes a tango-applier *claps and jumps around* One play costs 75 L$ and the machine is full with great skins. Also the Woodland Treasures Gatcha Event opened and you can find there cute stuff for kids. But lucky us, some designers made their goodies for us (the "adults") too. And I felt in love with the unicorn necklace <3 

Dress: [y] - Breeze Shiver - Spring *NEW @TheBox*  TP
Heels: The Sea Hole - Flossy Wedges Mango  TP
Bag: *LpD* - *Jane* Bag Brown *NEW @TheBox* TP
Hair: [Due] - Aile Light blond pack *NEW @TheBox* TP
Necklace: ~Kawaii ~ Green Unicorn Necklade *NEW @Woodland*  TP
Ring: [*RD*] - Chrome Starfish Ring Seaweed  TP
Skin: cStar Limited - Destiny - Megan Amber *NEW Gatcha-Item*  TP

      Megan - Amber            Megan - Albino                Megan - Silver           Megan - Pixie RARE